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4N's Assembly

4N started our day wonderfully with their assembly about being different but equal, fitting in well with the recent Martin Luther King day. Each child told us what they were great at and it was certainly clear that they are very different and very talented! They treated us to a rendition of 4N’s ‘Blind Mate’ that made us consider what we look for in a friend and how important it is to value differences in our friends. They used the beautiful picture book ‘The Crow’s Tail’ to cleverly get across the message that we should celebrate that we don’t all look the same, and indeed celebrate that it is what is inside that truly counts. The message of being an upstander, to help ensure that all are treated differently but equally, was passed on through the song ‘Superheroes’. It really motivated us all to hatch a plan to make sure that we can turn Martin Luther King’s dream of equality into a reality. Well done 4N.