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5B's Assembly

No pressure, but this morning 5B had the job of starting the run of Summer Term class assemblies - they rose to the occasion perfectly with a hugely entertaining performance about the Victorians. Hats off to all the children and to Mrs Bonner for making the whole thing so funny, with Lord Shaftsbury - a serious looking gentleman in his day - transformed into a chart-topping rapper. Even Queen Victoria herself did not escape a contemporary twist of her notorious ‘attitude’. Not only did the children showcase some incredible talent, but they all looked like they were really enjoying themselves…apart from when they were showing us how tough life was for Victorian children! It was an absolute pleasure for all of the parents, children and teachers in the audience - they had so many laughs and learnt plenty of facts along the way. Mrs Harrison’s tissue box even made an appearance, but even she would have struggled to cry at this ingenious Victorian comedy. Very well-done indeed, 5B!