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A Message from Mr Winter & Miss Remin

A Message From Your Headteachers

We have had a very busy day as Headteachers! The day started at 8am with writing the board in the staff room as the teachers keep on forgetting what they need to do each day. Well done to Miss Fiscalini who had the bright idea of taking the picture of the board so she knew what was happening! Next we stood outside the school and gave out Bike Breakfast stickers to everyone who arrived on a bike or a scooter – we were exhausted after catching everyone who came on wheels but we are very pleased to see that so many people left the car at home. We dropped in to introduce 6S’s assembly before serving at the Bike Breakfast, helping nursery and reception get their food. We were amazed how much food was eaten in such a short amount of time. Thank you to the bike marshals who spent the morning serving drinks, clearing tables and calling classes and to Miss Bhatti in the Infants who organised the breakfast this year. In our assembly to years 3, 4 and 5 we spoke about:


  • Bike Breakfast
  • The good work done at Coding club
  • Announced Posh Nosh – well done to Jaim, Daniella, Migle, Thomas R, Alfie L, Tyler, Min and Talia who joined us for lunch at the Posh Nosh Table.

After Posh Nosh it was time for the diary meeting where we talked about Comic Relief and made sure everyone knew what was happening next week. Later that afternoon we went on a Health and Safety walk around the school site with Mr Thorne. The afternoon ended with late duty and welcoming home 5P from Ringsfield Hall (fingers crossed as there has been a slight delay with the journey home due to a coach problem and they didn’t leave Ringsfield until 12pm!). This doesn’t mention all the other jobs we have done - what a busy life a head has. Thank goodness there are two of us!

Miss Remin and Mr Winter – Heads for The Day.