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Black History Week

Thank you to Jennie Crone, Jess Neill and Charlotte Hiett for organising a brilliant Black History Week packed with fun and thought provoking activities. Children across the school have been creating aboriginal artwork using the earthy colours of the Australian deserts. They enjoyed finding out about local sportsman Mo Farah who came to live in England from Somalia aged just 8, reflecting upon how he must have felt arriving in such a strange place and what he has achieved by showing the Strand Values of commitment and independence. On Tuesday, the vibrant sounds of West African Djembe drumming could be heard floating out of the gym while Year 3 experienced a djembe workshop with Abbas. Year 4 started the week by exploring how to create the Kente cloth and what the colours and patterns of this stunning cloth mean. Continuing the theme of people moving to the UK from around the world they looked at the story of the Windrush and used great empathy in writing diary entries of the people who made the journey in 1948 to make a new life in England. Year 5 have been taking a look at the plight of children across the world whose lives are very different than theirs – those in child labour. This links perfectly with their book study Iqbal. Studying the patterns and meanings of the carpets they weave brought their day to day life into closer focus. In Year 6 the week had a historical focus looking at the origins of the slave trade and the triangle of trade.