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Eye-Opening Trip to Foyles

On a miserably wet Monday, spirits couldn’t be dampened as a lively group of keen Strandite readers went on an exciting trip across London to Foyles Bookshop in Charing Cross Road. Our mission was to spend part of the grant awarded to us by them, and spend we did! On arrival, the children were treated to a tour of the huge children's section, learning that at any one time, 180,000 titles are stocked which is enough books to stretch from London to Birmingham if laid out end-to-end! So much fun was had exploring new books and adding them to our very own trolley, and we even had an unexpected visit from the Chief Executive of Foyles! All in all, almost 150 brand new books, ranging from classics to non-fiction, were purchased to bolster the stock of the new library. As we were just down the road, we also visited the painting that has inspired our recent whole school art project, Take One Picture. An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump was located in a spectacular wing of the gallery, and it was astonishing to see it in its full glory. The children were amazed by how large and detailed it was, and plenty of excited discussion ensued comparing our first impressions with what we thought now. All in all, a memorable day of books and culture was had by all.