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FaSST Reps Meeting

The FaSST Reps met this week and it was lovely to see representation from each year team. 

Suggestions Box

Sorcha Kennedy Alexander joined us to discuss reading, one of our focuses for the year, discussing the initiatives to encourage a love of reading. Sorcha has worked hard initiating the book swap in reception and we’d love children to be exchanging their much loved books for a new riveting read. We know that the children are keen to recommend their favourite books so we have ‘Strand Suggestions’ postcards available at the book swap for people to use. Please pick one up on your way home and then post it in the box. We are also starting a ‘Book Blog’ on the website where parents and children can recommend reads – watch this space.

Claire Lovell joined us from Friends to discuss the Christmas Fair (2nd December) and garner support for the upcoming timetable of events - be prepared for your FASST rep to contact you to see if you can spare an hour or two. The full minutes of the FASST reps meetings are here.