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Strandites Gain Distinctions in Primary Engineer Leaders Award

Earlier this year we entered the Primary Engineer Leader Awards run by UCL. The Leader Award offers the opportunity to look at the world in a global sense or at a very small part of it, find a problem and create a solution. Pupils across the UK were challenged to change the world by responding to the question "If you were an engineer, what would you do?" Once they identified an issue and invented an engineered solution to that problem, Year 6 had to illustrate their solution, accompanied by a 100 word letter ‘pitching’ their invention. We are very proud that Adetayo’s home voting app which allowed people unable to leave their home to engage in the democratic process and Tyra’s fishing net that protected sea creatures have both been awarded a distinction and will be displayed in the exhibition at UCL on the 5th July. Megan, Edward, Alec, Izzi, Thomas and Abbie were awarded a merit certificate for their creative designs which included a shoe that doubled as an iron, a backpack with integrated umbrella, a baby soother, a knife that was heated to spread butter perfectly, a rhyming dictionary and an expanding bag to cut down on plastic bag usage. What a bunch of creative thinkers we are breeding here at Strand. If you would like to go along to the exhibition click here for tickets.