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World Book Day

What a bbrrrr…...Brilliant World Book Day! As ever, everyone at Strand put their all into dressing up as their favourite book characters, including the teachers (did anyone see Mr Thorne’s feet?!) Joe in 3H took the theme to a new level by dressing as a whole library! Across the school, children took part in a range of activities relating to their latest topics using picture books as inspiration. Year 3 recreated the beautiful book ‘Leaf’ displaying incredible artistic flare, as did Year 4 who used the stunning wordless book ‘Journey’ to inspire them, carrying the story on with their own unique ideas. In Years 5 and 6, books linking to elements of their history topics were explored through drama, role play and, of course, more art! As we go to press, Year 3 have been enjoying a special story time with Cally of Egmont Publishing and mum of Sam and Alex. She read new book ‘There’s a Pig up my Nose’ complete with animal noises! Years 3, 4 and 5 also had a special visitor yesterday….

Yesterday afternoon we hosted a very exciting visitor for World Book Day, as Andy Stanton made a trip through the snow to give a very energetic and irreverent talk to Years 3-5. Andy is best known for his bestselling Mr Gum series, and in person he was even more zany and bonkers than in his books! He made the kids laugh like drains as he told childhood stories of playing with a stick and his brother's cruel letters. And in amongst it all, he managed to slip in great writing tips and answer some cracking questions. It was a great celebration of reading for pleasure, in the most ridiculous and silly way possible. "Shabba me whiskers!"