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World Book Day

WBD 2018 is fast approaching!The big day is next week, on Thursday 1st March. As ever, we will all be dressing up as a character from a much-loved book and bringing in said book to share, if you can. The children (and some very keen members of staff) have already started busily planning their outfits, so this year’s parade promises to be the most flamboyant and creative yet. The day will be filled with book-related activities that promise to be fun and inspiring, and Strand will also have a special visit from some very big names in the world of children’s literature. Next Monday, we are also starting our ‘Big Book Off’. This is an inter-class competition to find the class who, as a team, can read the most books in 2 weeks. Teachers’ book reading also counts, so don’t forget to pester your teacher to read a few new children’s books too! However, there is a catch: to make your reads count, you have to fill out a recommendation card to be added to the Book Swap or post on our Strand Book Blog. All books count and will be awarded points on a sliding scale basis, so do not shy away from more meaty reads. Top prizes will be awarded to the winning class when the results are in.